Permanent Placement Services – Reduce Total Cost

Main Line IT delivers permanent placement staffing solutions allowing you to take control of your SAP environment. We help companies effectively hire top-level fulltime employees, mitigating the rising costs of SAP contingent labor.

How do you find the right people for the job? What are the right skills necessary? How much does it cost your company to conduct a job search, and how much more does it cost if you hire the wrong person? We make every attempt to understand your corporate culture. Who fits in and why. Competing for talent has been and still is one of the biggest challenges businesses face in today's high-tech environment. With 18 years of experience behind us in providing SAP Services, we have the knowledge to recognize highly qualified candidates—we have a comprehensive understanding of SAP—and we are the best source to fill your permanent placement positions.

Main Line IT provides retained search quality on a contingency basis by developing long-term, lasting relationships with both clients and candidates. We don’t select the low-hanging fruits of active jobseekers. Our permanent placement service group has access to one of the industry’s largest SAP candidate databases, and draws from our extensive 18 years of networking. We target passive candidates who can recognize a quality opportunity when presented to them. Because we have spent years building long-term relationships with the best SAP professionals, we can help you find and attract top talent more quickly than if you had done it yourself—or relied on a non-SAP-specific agency.

A qualified candidate is not just someone with the skill set to accomplish tasks, but rather the total package—the right skills and the ability to succeed within your particular corporate culture and mission.

Partnering with your Human Resources Department - Main Line IT works in coordination with your HR department, partnering with them as an extension of them to assure a successful placement. This team approach allows us to work seamlessly with you, helping to facilitate a smooth transition for candidates.

Value-added Service—Value-added Services – Main Line IT performs follow-up services as part of the complete hiring process. Although placement and follow up are sometimes considered as two distinct services, they are inseparable. Placement is the process in which we assist our candidate in making those decisions that concern a next step in their career. Follow-up is the evaluation phase of placement, making sure the candidate finds the situation rewarding, our client is satisfied, and the transitional period stable. We value integrity in our placements.

What our Permanent Placement Division can offer you:
Comprehensive assessment of your needs – from staff team members to project managers and director level positions.
Extensive screening of candidates – including qualifications, skill levels, work history, references and personal attributes.
Thorough background checks – our proven process has been successful in qualifying candidates who are suitable.
Cost-effectiveness – we can save you valuable time and resources by presenting only candidates who are truly qualified and likely to   accept your position.
100% Guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied with your SAP professional within 60 days of placement, we offer a full refund or   a new professional.

Whether for staff, management, director, or executive level positions, our mission is complete only when you are provided with the right candidate who is perfect for your team. The results of our professional search solutions are superior quality hires, better retention of those hires, a faster time to hire and a better return on investment that allows you to focus on your core business.

Personnel, Human Resources, Staffing, Talent Acquisition, Human Capital – regardless of what you call it, it’s what Main Line IT has been doing well for almost twenty years. We look forward to providing clients and candidates with the professional guidance and support that has been the foundation of our success since 1985.