Blending Business Experience and SAP.

Main Line SAP Upgrade Services are provided by our consultants who are trained experts on each SAP application and can assist on any type of upgrade.

A sizeable number of SAP clients are currently running older versions of SAP R/3. As a result, they do not benefit from the enhancements and features of the latest versions. SAP will no longer support the older versions of SAP without substantial cost increases on system maintenance. Even if significant mainstream maintenance is available for mySAP ERP predecessors, you should start considering an upgrade strategy.

Upgrading SAP can be complex with many variables that can impact the level of complexity:
• Reason for upgrading - new functionality, current release is going out of maintenance
• Modules and add-on components such as BI, APO
• Hardware and software platform(s)
• Upgrade source release and target release (R/3 to ECC 5.0/6.0 or ECC 5.0 to ECC 6.0)
• Amount of custom code, data and users

SAP offers released upgrades on occasion to provide functional and compliance enhancements for your SAP software. Upgrading your SAP installation can be a major decision due to series of crucial, strategic and operational decisions. You can take advantage of processes and functionality in newer versions of SAP, enabling you to remain competitive in their market and have better access to critical business information. An upgrade project not only brings efficiency to existing processes but presents exciting opportunities from mySAP ERP business suite and significant technical advancements with new technologies.

Whether your SAP environment is completely customized or mostly standard, Main Line SAP Upgrade Services removes the guesswork in sizing upgrades and enhancements. Using a time-tested methodology that ensures meticulous review and testing, we accomplish upgrades in a systematic and timely fashion, below the cost of traditional projects, and without the disruptions of your day-to-day business operations.

Our trained consultants can assist with all types of SAP upgrade projects including the following:
• ERP 6.0
• BI
• Portal
• Unicode
• XI to PI

We offer both functional and technical upgrade services. We can take complete ownership of the project from start to finish or we can combine our Main Line SAP consultants who are trained and certified in the latest version of SAP with your existing staff providing value while controlling costs. We will work with you to assess your business requirements and develop an upgrade roadmap. Additionally, we will identify potential change management obstacles and identify business process impacts as well as resources & budget considerations.

Main Line IT will draw on our exceedingly reliable and experienced consultants, automated tools, and methodologies in executing your upgrade. Our teams have executed upgrades for all versions of the SAP software up to and including ECC 6.0 / Netweaver 7.0.